Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Lajos Szemenyei, i was born in Orosháza, Hungary. Since 1975 i have been living and working in Tiszaújváros. I met leather as an ancient crafts raw material in 1982.

Since then, i have been improving my knowledge to create products with even higher standards.

I am proud of the years i spent with my master, Tamás Zajácz leather art craftsman, as his student.

With respect, i thank him for everything i got from him, such as the base principals, the love for leather, and my humbleness.

I learned the saddler profession from József Kollár saddler master from Polgár, who is now my best friend.

Creative work has an unprecedented feeling of sucess for me.

My goal is to create unique, beautiful products, and bring joy to more and more people.

Please, take a look at my products, i hope there will some, which You will like.

Szemenyei Lajos
leather craftsman