Order info

If you find a product which you desire and you would like more information on it, all you have to do is click on the "order information" button next to it's picture, and send an e-mail. In this, you can ask your questions about the product, like: used materials, price, delivery, payment details etc. Attention! Sending an e-mail is not regarded as an order, firstly you will only get answers for the questions related to the product, also in an e-mail in a short period of time. All products are made uniquely, regarding to agreed terms.

Important notes:
Based on the customers needs, we can place any emblem or name on the products, according to the nature of the product.
Emblems and logos should be sent in computer formats(CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator) in e-mail. If this is not possible, you can also send a high quality picture or graphic with regular mail.

In case of name placement on the product, please be cautious and check the names (dr., Dr., punctuation or letter missing etc.) before sending us, as we have no way to correct the product, only to manifacture it again, which is extra cost to the customer, and delays the delivery.